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2018 ISSUE

Program Evaluation of Linking Education & Development (LEAD) Project in Rural & Urban Morocco


Syeda Z Narmeen & Mavra Masood

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of the Social Accountability (SAcc) approach used in the LEAD project. SAcc equips local stakeholders with the skills needed to participate in the decision-making process to implement projects in primary schools as well as communicate policies to the regional offices.



This formative evaluation analyzed the available data from the SAcc tool to assess the efficacy of the project.



We found that satisfaction is highest among principal and student stakeholders, as well as for communication. Although there were more male participants overall, a greater number of females were involved in the parent and student stakeholder groups. This may indicate a mindset shift on women’s participation in the public sphere, thus improving their education and ultimately health outcomes.

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