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2018 ISSUE

Microhub: Analyzing Higher Education Interventions in Rwanda's Refugee Camps


Porter Nenon, Kaija Flood, William Henagan, & Adam Jones

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This summer a team of three University of Virginia students (Porter Nenon, Political and Social Thought; Kaija Flood, Masters of Public Policy; Adam Jones, Economics) travelled to Rwanda to research the state and progress of higher education in the country’s refugee camps. The team hoped to learn about the political and cultural underpinnings of the education infrastructure in Rwandan refugee camps in order to better develop a social enterprise centered on this subject. The team’s research and social entrepreneurial efforts coalesced to form 
microHub. Once in country, Porter further established the team’s contacts in the higher education and refugee communities. After speaking with various advocacy groups, non-profits, politicians, and educators, microHub settled on working with two specific NGOs that
combined the team’s interest in refugee aid and higher education. MicroHub (mHub) assesses Rwandan NGO education platforms to develop predictive statistics and technology implementation plans to better serve the displaced population within Rwanda.


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