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2021-2022 CALL FOR 

The Conflux Research Journal invites all students to submit papers to be considered for publication in our 2020-2021  issue.

We ARE CURRENTLY considering manuscripts for our 2021-2022 publication!

The deadline for submission IS 11:59 PM on APRIL 15, 2022.



Conflux, a Global Health and Research Journal, is the first of its kind at the University of Virginia. This annual, interdisciplinary journal spans the gamut of research experiences in an effort to convey the complexity and specificity of ethnographic, qualitative, and quantitative research experiences in different regions of the globe. Each article is unique, in content or design, highlighting that each student’s experience is unique. This may be attributed to the breadth of research locations, student biases and conceptions, and interactions with local citizens.


Conflux is an independent, privately-funded research journal whose print and online publications are non-exclusive, allowing authors to publish their work elsewhere.

conflux Research Journal Objectives


Conflux is dedicated to providing insight into global health research experiences. This includes the importance of individual interactions in communities to promote cross-cultural and intercultural learning. It is our hope that each article will inspire introspection within readers and ultimately provoke critical analysis as those same readers prepare for their own research experiences. Papers concerning community health, public health, and environmental/planetary health will be considered. 



submission guidelines


Papers are expected to contain original research that has been conducted abroad or in the United States.


For additional information and stylistic guidelines, please see Instructions for Authors.



Papers should be between five and fifteen pages (excluding the abstract and references). Please contact for exceptions to this requirement.


Your document must include a reference section in AMA  or APA style. However, for in-text citations, do not use superscripts. Instead, please include the reference number enclosed in brackets at the end of the sentence and before the punctuation.

Submissions should be double-spaced, 12-point font.  Please number each page in the bottom right-hand corner.





Use the submit a manuscript button above to start a submission. We will not use your information for any other purpose. 

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